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our aim is to provide you with knowledge of the art & science of master acupuncture in as simple a manner as is possible.

what is master acupuncture?

master acupuncture goes beyond the symptomatic acupuncture of traditional chinese medicine (tcm), and then embraces the holistic acupuncture of classical chinese medicine (ccm) in order to realise the jewel in the crown teaching of the Huang Di Nei Jing, namely the tian gan di zhi teaching.

what is a master acupuncturist?

a master acupuncturist must understand the principles of yin & yang, the five elements, the pathways and symptoms of the jing-luo, the symptoms of the zang fu according to the eight conditions, and the causes of disease.

above all, the master acupuncturist must understand the level of qi of the patient i.e. their qi of birth, and the relationship of changes between the yin and the yang and the five elements of the body and the five movements and the six qi.

the art of master acupuncture

art is a creative activity and the art of master acupuncture relies on the creative skills and abilities of the acupuncturist:  the ability to create a five element pattern from the 4 methods of diagnosis, with special emphasis on pulse diagnosis; the ability to create a balancing prescription of acupuncture points for relief of symptoms and promotion of health & harmony; the skill in locating acupuncture points; the skill involved in needle technique.


the science of master acupuncture

science is a created activity and the science of master acupuncture relies on the medical models employed by the acupuncturist: from the tcm models known as 'the eight conditions' and 'the differentation of syndromes' to the ccm models known as 'the five elements' and 'celestial stems & branches', these medical models underpin master acupuncture practice.

the scope of master acupuncture

all medical conditions can benefit from master acupuncture, either as the primary medical intervention or as a secondary medical intervention. western medical conditions are translated into oriental medical conditions in order for treatment to be effectively applied.

master acupuncture is a medical technique that is truly holistic, and as such can be applied as a preventative measure: preventing ill health and promoting health & harmony is the smart approach to health matters!

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