in the clinic

what can you expect at a master acupuncture clinic?


the consultation


acupuncture is a medical technique and therefore requires a medical history and consent to practice to be completed. all master acupuncturists will provide each client with their own own case file and during the consultation process this comprehensive and confidential medical file will be written up.



the diagnosis


following on from the paperwork the master acupuncturist will guide the client through the four diagnostic procedures:


a) listening and b) asking by the clinician creates a pathway for information to flow along, and this information translates into the unique patterns of balance associated with the client according to the master acupuncture medical model.


c) body and d) touch diagnositic techniques allow the clinician to build a picture that shows the long term effects of lifestyle and the current affects of the client's constitution.



the treatment


after assessing and evaluating the diagnosis the master acupuncturist works with the client to establish the best possible treatment regime.


for some clients it is the end result that matters, whilst for other clients the treatment process is also of interest. as much or as little information about the treatment regime is offer, as requested by the client.


master acupuncture is a medical technique where positive, healthy change is the outcome.

acupuncture involves the insertion of fine needles below the skin, at points connected to energy meridians that run all over the body. energy creates, controls and nourishes matter,

so it is not unreasonable to make adjustments to the subtle energy anatomy in order to effect positive, healthy change in the gross, physical anatomy.


master acupuncturists are nearly always qualified in other energy arts that complement the treatment process, e.g. tui na massage, qigong, yoga, moxibustion, cupping, etc. and any of these techniques may form part of the overall treatment regime.



the evaluation


master acupuncture treatment is holistic in nature, and so there is no 'standard' treatment regime for any specific condition presenting in clinic. however, as a general rule of thumb, the clinician aims to achieve considerable resolution of health matters within six treatment sessions. at this stage, it is wise to evaluate progress made and formulate future treatment needs, whether that necessitates another course of treatment or merely follow up 'change of season' preventative treatment.



the support


master acupuncture sessions are rarely less than forty five minutes long(paediatric treatment is an example of the few exceptions), allowing enough time for clients to work through the issues that arise during the treatment process.


ongoing post-treatment support is always encouraged e.g. the four times a year 'change of season' package, and networking involvement with patient groups is also supported.



master acupuncture